A Day in the Life of the Dane

Adventures in the life of a Mima

She’s the grandma of sass
and of class
you can see in the manner
she’s holding her glass

she won’t accept no
when the answer is yes
and will say when you’re down
that you “are not to fret”

except when you’re sickly
in which case she’ll quickly
stir up a heavenly

and then she’ll refuse
to stop cooking cleaning
and bustling about
until she heads out

for martinis
and madness
and laughter
and gladness

you will know she’s arrived
cause you’ll tell by the chime
of the glasses
and skols never-ending

til she’s chauffeured back home
where her family she’ll phone
and her sister she’ll scold
the night through

til she hurts her back
and Chris says to sit back
so she’ll pucker her lips
and adhere as she laughs

cause the world does not know it
she barely has shown
the powers
she stifles within

she’s a Dane after all
not a fact at all small
but the world is not ready
to see it in full

so she says she’s the grandma
and she’ll play the part
while she smiles inside
of her strong loving heart

Music I love Thee (as we bleed)

7281553_shape-1here is the thing,
my love
the one who’s always known me
so intimately

I love thee,
my love

yet outer pressures
ware on me
so heavily
and I forget of you

though I am ashamed

that I’ve forgotten

but I’ve forgotten
through their lies,
you should hear how
they tell me of you
as if we had never met

they tell me you don’t contain
an everlasting soul
which refuses to mold

they say you’d be obtained
through a certain way
a certain note

they tell me you
are the result of force and toil

I laugh
as I recall your voice
and how it’d flow

you are all but tame
and all but petty

you are the most beautiful aberrance
I have ever seen

you and your chaotic swirling
of blood tears and laughter

you’ve broken every rule
and shattered every perception
of perfection

yet they think you’re the result
of restraint

I laugh

I love thee,
music my love

if it were only you and I,
it would be

for we flourish when our soul
runs free
to shine and bleed

apart from all else
just you and me

No Darkness Shall Prevail


the darkness wants us
to abide
so it can thrive

but it will not
and I will not abide!

Love has won

I refuse to wander
in the land of doubt
double mindedness

all negativity
I cast from me

darkness wants
to abide
so it can thrive

it will not

Love has won

and fairly soon
it will

beautiful day!
when Earth becomes
as we know innately
it was meant to be!

I am a lover of the Light
I will not love it
in selfishness
I love the Light
because the Light is so beautiful

the Light has saved me
and all who choose it
Praise be
to Jesus Christ
oh beautiful beautiful light!

Maybe this is Success

the idea one must tirelessly
towards success

is crippling
to one’s soul
by definition


is that honesty?
to say these things will bring “success”
truly to our souls

if so why are our greatest successes
crippled by depression
and anxiety

is it possible they have not reached
the benefits promised by

also, what is that?

is success a confident appearance
that adequately covers
the anxieties we all share
but pretend are not there
with a smile?

I ask,
what is that?
what is that but an act?

we all share
the human experience.
what do we gain in a lie

is that success

is success an accolade
put on display
or is it the entity
behind it
that if left unglorified
brings transcendence nonetheless

is success
what meets the eye….

I’d argue no, success is inside

I’d say all the reasons
we seek success
is to find pieces
of peace
of fullness
Om Shanti

in all of it’s beautiful forms

and this will be found in no accolade
no achievement will do

this I can assure you

so I’m thinking

instead of chasing the wind,
maybe we could pick flowers
and seek to give them
to those who are breaking

maybe this is Om Shanti
maybe this is success

internal, external,
eternal success

On Religion

We all search
for God

in the beginning the Word was
and the Word was with God
and the Word was God

upon asked
He replies
I am

thereby springs forth convention

each group
in their own way

some abiding by the words on a page
with trembling and fear
others rejecting fearlessly
such standards to adhere

there must be a level of truth
though conventionality wavers
each society
from where this truth
may lie

however the problem exists
when we begin to look at it
from a mere corner of the eye
by our own preconceptions
put in place
by the walls
we embrace


is comfortable
and we forget
to remember
there is not just one way
to which things should adhere

to which He will adhere

we are ridiculous to think
we will find Him here
in the walls of stringency
we’ve embraced

when He is
before existence
within existence
yet timelessly

sometimes we search
everywhere but here
in the places between


without realizing
it’s not dimensional
it is undefined
by the dimensions by which
we seek
to define it
or Him

He is
to the soul
which is
to be free

Ah, let me within
the core of your being
I love thee
says He to I
or I to He

the notes you sing
the thoughts
only have meaning
within your condensed dimension
when they lead you to me

and ah how I love thee!
I love thee,
nonsensical dimension
for which I seek
embodying every piece
of symmetry
every piece
of existence
scientific strategy
to artistic tragedy
you are shining

I love thee,
who resides in the dimension
for which I seek

“Society” and the art of giving up

We are brought up being told to never give up
which is why we must face the question, when is enough enough?

Because the truth of the matter is
there is a time for everything.
A time to push and sweat and persevere.
And a time to give up.

This virtue of perservance, whilst invaluable it may be
in the face of life and it’s many difficulties,
can be misplaced
a spark can ignite a fire

In the wrong relationship
in an unhealthy wounding place
with a person who not only misunderstands you
but judges you. Cannot love you the way they ought.

You, out of the goodness of your heart
and from your upbringing refusing to depart,
may decide you are not giving up.
And that love is enough.

But it’s not.
Not giving up
is not enough
to hold on to anything
to hold on to everything
that comes your way.

because you’re scared
there’s no other way

There comes a point
when discernment
must also play
a part.

You must choose a filter.
There’s so much time in a day.
So many hours in this gift
that we cannot choose to waste
them away
on things that will only cause us pain.
On things that we hold onto in vain.

When the cycle continues
yet like a ignorant child
you won’t give up
out of pure hope and
childish lust
for your happy ending
you simply must stop.

Because enough is enough.
Stop fighting your instincts.
Stop fighting your rights.
Stop fighting the person you were meant to be
the ways you were meant to be

Stop pretending to be
the world’s mold.
Into humanity, insanity
your realmless-ness
where genius lies
in us each

when we let go of
the breach
of the world
forget them all
this is me.

I will not hold on
to the things that do not serve me
because society says.
society is nothing.
Society is nothing
but a fleeting breathing
different here and there
who cares?

Heart is everything.
Soul is me.

I will no longer seek
to be who I was not meant to be

I will no longer seek
the things that hurt me
because of society

I will no longer love
those who spurn me
because society

says don’t give up

I will give up because
I’m strong enough