for the emails that smile

Broken emails pretending to smile
You know I hate to be the one to do this, haha
But I always find myself in the same place
Time and time again I begin to ask myself why

Why do we do the things we do
Gosh darn we’re so productive
So polished
So beautiful
Let me polish it a bit more

Maybe it’s already shiny
Maybe now we’re digging a little too hard

Probably should stop

We are so professional in the way we operate

I am not one to criticize the world
We have made it this far
How marvelous!

My friend Josh is happy
He smiles a lot
But he also needs his dosage of pot
At least every once in awhile

And Nina
She is sad

I’m not saying there is an answer
But I can’t help but to ask why

Better yet, HOW

How can we over come this part

You know, this part of the movie?

We’ve gotten past the scene where the monster makes a mess
We slashed open the tires
We survived

Heart pounding
Damn we were good
We humans

Look where we got ourselves

Even further

But God it hurts my throat when I try to speak

I haven’t come far enough

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