what is pain

life loves us,
it’s beckons us to survive
streaming through our veins
brains and souls

yet when we suffer
our hearts begin to break
beat even faster
and our lungs begin to shake

then we start to know
that which is called

as we’re introduced
to the infamous,

at this point,
some will fight it
as it spreads like a disease

at this point,
others may give up

at this point,
the wise will endure

knowing pain’s
the prerequisite
of love

for it is the love of life
we come to know
in the most deep
and violent throws

for when we face our demons
look them in the eye

we are strong to endure darkness
and bring forth the light

One thought on “what is pain

  1. Love this insight!


    Wendy Worden

    Liked by 1 person

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